The date came and went and the apocalypse never materialized, but any Mayanist could have told you that you had nothing to worry about predating speed dating facebook. This calendar was impressive because it used zero as a placeholder—one of the earliest uses of zero as a mathematical concept in history. The swan emblem appears to have originated with a man bearing the Danish name of Sweyn, grandfather of one Henry of Essex, a 12 th century Sheriff of Buckingham. The Maya were not content with simply donning clothes and makeup to make themselves beautiful.

Swans on arms often appear without any further adornment but one particular style includes a ducal coronet about the neck and a gold chain “reflexed” over its back, which is termed “a cygnet (i. When she couldn’t get a job in her field, she started sketching for a curator at the Penn Museum in Philadelphia in the 1930s, and she was invited on an expedition to the Piedras Negras Maya site in Guatemala. The Denver Art Museum returned a carved wooden doorway lintel to Guatemala in 1998 when the artifact was found to have been taken from El Zotz, a Maya settlement just west of the great city of Tikal. While words in the English language are formed with combinations of 26 letters, written Mayan words are formed from various combinations of more than 800 hieroglyphs, each representing a syllable.

Conceivably the designs are all so similar that the distinctions are easily blurred. ...

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